Cities — How to Play ???? and Why It's a Gem ????

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This week's older board game gem is Cities, by Dutch designer Martyn F. and published by his company Emma as well as Z-Man in the late '00s. Players try and get water near parks, restaurants near tourist attractions and to give restaurant patrons a nice view of water and parks from their patios. One person calls out a random tile, the other players find that same tile, then everyone plays it in their own little solitaire game and just compare scores at the end. It's easy, breezy, and with the most "advanced" ruleset, a nice little brain-teaser.

In the mid-'10s a new version came out by Abacus called Limes. The rules are tweaked and further developed, the artwork is improved, but it's only for two players whereas Cities plays up to four. Actually, any number of people can play if you have enough copies! We've had both, but decided to just keep Cities.

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