Building [LOG CABIN] in FOREST without POWER TOOLS | Winter Overnight - Bushcraft Camp | Episode 2

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Episode 2 Building off grid log cabin into forest Without Power Tools.
In this episode, I am surrounded by a snowy forest. Building a forest hut becomes much more difficult!

The fallen logs are hidden under the snow. The first crown of my log house is covered with snow and iced over.

The moss for sealing the joints between the logs is frozen. You have to warm it up with boiled water.

In two days with a overnight, I managed to make logs for the future floor. Chopped four bowls on two logs without power tools using a bow saw, ax and adze.
And also brought two more logs for their subsequent preparation for laying.

Despite the difficulties associated with the construction of a log house, it is very pleasant to be in a snowy forest for two days!
Such a forest is much brighter and more joyful :)

Hope you enjoy this video :)
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Happy viewing.

Important information!!!
In the construction, I use only dead fallen trees.

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