Bring on the MUTANTS! | Rimworld: Seven Deadly Sins #18

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Across the galaxy, seven long-dead renegades and enemies of the Galactic Empire, renowned for their crimes most heinous, have been gathered and made immortal by the finest of Glitterworld science to serve a new and greater purpose - education.

Now aboard a prison vessel, the seven find themselves on a one-way trip to a newly unveiled Imperial Hellplanet - an inhospitiable world filled with genetic horrors, harsh landscapes, and mechanoids, all of which are captured from orbit by Imperial Galactic Megastations, to be broadcast across the galaxy to the Glitterworld households and both entertainment, and a warning.

=== Mod Pack Info ===

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Steam Workshop Collection:

Please note that due to Youtube description limits, I can't credit all mods here, and mod here are taken directly from the workshop page in no particular order or preference!

1-2-3 Personalities
Created by Hahkethomemah

- Imprisonment On The Go! (Make Pawns Prisoners Without Beds)
Created by [SubPrime] AgentBlac

4M Mehni's Misc Modifications []
Created by [] Miyuri

A RimWorld of Magic
Created by Torann

Created by Brrainz

All Silent Raids Patch
Created by hauvega

Allow Tool
Created by UnlimitedHugs

Almost There!
Created by roolo

Alpha Animals
Created by Sarg Bjornson

Alpha Biomes
Created by Sarg Bjornson

Ancient Fallout Armory
Created by Gemi ningen

Created by ChJees

Angels and Devils (Continued)
Created by Mlie

Animal Tab
Created by Fluffy

Apparello 2
Created by Shinzy

Architect Icons
Created by marcin212

Armor Racks
Created by khamenman

Auto links
Created by AUTOMATIC

Auto-Cut Blight
Created by Razor

Created by AUTOMATIC

Beat Your Prisoners
Created by Captain Muscles

Begone, Message!
Created by lbmaian

Better ModMismatch Window
Created by Madeline

Better Workbench Management
Created by falconne

Created by Samboy063

Created by NukaFrog

Black Widows (Continued)
Created by Mlie

Blood and stains
Created by Gouda quiche

Blueprint Totals Tooltip
Created by ChippedChap

Created by Fluffy

Bradson's Main Button Icons for Vanilla Textures Expanded
Created by bradson

Build From Inventory
Created by Uuugggg

Call of Cthulhu - Cosmic Horrors
Created by Jecrell

Call of Cthulhu - Cults
Created by Jecrell

Created by Captain Muscles

Callouts Extended!
Created by ⨀ヮ⁠⨀

Created by Brrainz

Careful Raids
Created by Brrainz

Character Editor
Created by VOID

Created by Hatti

Combine Face and Hat Items
Created by Crentist

Compact Hediffs
Created by PeteTimesSix

Compressed Raid
Created by ryouta

DE Surgeries Hard
Created by Proxyer

DIY Humans
Created by Carnagion

Days Matter (fork)
Created by BrokenBed

De-generalize Work
Created by Alias

Death Rattle Continued [+]
Created by troopersmith1

Defensive Positions
Created by UnlimitedHugs

Designator Shapes
Created by Merthykins

Dire Raids
Created by pyrce

Do Something for Idle
Created by gguake

Do Your F****** Research
Created by Captain Muscles

Created by tikubonn

Created by telardo

Dual Wield
Created by roolo

Dub's Paint Shop
Created by Dubwise

Dubs Mint Menus
Created by Dubwise

Dubs Performance Analyzer
Created by Dubwise

EdB Prepare Carefully
Created by edbmods

Enable Oversized Weapons
Created by Carny Senpai

Enemy Self Preservation
Created by Murmur

Epic Rivers
Created by Another_Cursed_Username

Everybody Gets One
Created by Uuugggg

Created by StatistNo1

Expanded Incidents (Continued)
Created by Mlie

Expanded Materials - Metals
Created by Argón

Expanded Roofing
Created by Kiame Vivacity

Fahrenheit and Celsius
Created by Kosaro

Fallout Traits
Created by Fuglypump

Faster Gauranlen Pruning
Created by jorrn

Fat Larry's Golden Shower
Created by Ehi

Fortifications - Industrial
Created by AOBA

Created by Charlotte

Graphics Settings - Redefine RimWorld
Created by Maxim

Green(screen) Floor
Created by Lag is real Rakete

Created by AUTOMATIC

HD Pawn Rendering
Created by bradson

Created by Brrainz

(Wow this is a big modpack this time huh, that's all I had room for)

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