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▶ BOOM Bound - Casual, Indie, Strategy game by Jason McCoy - A unique action puzzle where players maneuver their character in and out of deadly explosions to get to the other side of the map.

BOOM Bound is a Fast-paced, Real-time, Strategic Movement and Pattern game where you can play online with up to 6 goal of the game is to have the player get across the map by dodging repeating explosions and moving objects.

Inspired by one of the best real-time strategy UMS category (bound) of all time. This game currently has:

100 unique levels that will keep you busy for hours!
8 unique explosion patterns and level themes!
7 Player skins!
True cross-platform/cross-device online multiplayer play (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)!

In the future, I plan to add these high-level stuff in the following order:

Endless Mode v1 (There are no safe zones and the Area is the level. You don't have time to prepare and must dodge by memorizing where to go in a trial-by-error style fashion)
Endless Mode v2 (Player Spawns on level and upon beating it, will take them to the next level)
13 More Levels with Explosion Patterns
Level Editor
Allow players to host private & public lobbies to show off their custom-made levels

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