Block Puzzle Classic: Jewel Puzzle Game - ver 13(16-9)

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When life gives you lemons???? or whatever pisses you off, gather and clear them for a time. I mean you can do it in Block Puzzle Classic: Jewel Puzzle Game!
A simple block puzzle jewel game but so funny and addicted!

Block Puzzle Classic: Jewel Puzzle Game is inspired by diamond ????, jungle mazes ???? and classic block games ????. Your task is to drag and drop blocks to create and destroy full lines on the grid board both vertically and horizontally. If there is no place for the given block on the screen, the game is over. Don't forget to keep space for the blocks to fill the screen ????

You have to think carefully before you drop the block. Choose a reasonable position for each block according to their shape. This block games genre that will make you feel relaxed after stressful working hours. Moreover, the block puzzle jewel game also has a realistic lively bar that feels refreshing, and the beautiful graphics will make you unable to stop playing ????????

???? The blocks can not be rotated
???? Drag the block to fill block grid with full row or column
???? Try to remove multiple lines at a time to get a higher score.
???? Classic Mode - Casual block puzzle game mode, no time limits and you can replay it at anytime and anywhere ????

???? Play offline without WIFI.
???? Suitable for all ages.
???? No time limit.
???? Support leaderboard.
???? Colorful jewel blocks.

Let's enjoy a simple and addictive classic block puzzle jewel game!

Challenge this addictive Block Puzzle Classic: Jewel Puzzle Game and get the higher score now! ????
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