BASE-MENT DESIRES - The Beast Inside Part 7 [BLIND] - Gameplay Let's Play Walkthrough

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Let's Play THE BEAST INSIDE - Gameplay, Walkthrough.


There's Commies in them thar hills too.



Past and Present are on a crash course with blood, intrigue and madness around every corner.


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With American-Soviet relations at their worst since the Cuban Missile Crisis, Adam, a CIA cryptographer, moves to rural New Hampshire to find the peace and quiet he needs to potentially save millions of lives.

His new home is more than it seems, though; a century-old diary tells tales of slaughter and madness. Did it really happen or is it all the product of a deranged mind? And is it related to the strange goings on in Adam's time?

With spies, monsters and killers roaming the haunted forest, Adam must unwravel the mysteries of the past to save the present but can he trust the CIA, or even his wife? And who is the mysterious Mister Hyde?


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I'm a gamer and author, a Scot and a European. I've been playing games since I can remember, beginning in the good old Megadrive days and running through to the latest and greatest of modern times. Strategy games and RPGs are my bag but you'll also find action, stealth and a lot of silliness. Games with interesting stories pull me in but I also enjoy having a bit fun that doesn't require too much thought. Expect action, strategy, RPGs and the occasional wise word.

I welcome comments and constructive criticism so let me know what you think about my videos and about the games we play together!

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