AVerMedia Live Streamer Nexus AX310 review (with AM330 Mic)

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This is an unboxing and review of the AVerMedia Live Streamer Nexus - which is essentially a XLR microphone audio mixer and control center for live streamers and content creators. It's a surprisingly appealing alternative to the GoXLR, with a built-in stream deck included (of sorts).

Features of the AVerMedia Live Streamer Nexus include:
6 audio tracks
Dual independent audio mixes (audience and creator)
5-inch IPS touch screen panel that controls Spotify, OBS, SLOBS, Twitch, YouTube and more
Four hardware buttons that can be customised with various settings
RGB lighting ring around the outside
Power for XLR mics (but not enough for the Shure SM7B :()
Detachable kickstand
Mic in, line in, optical in, PC in, headphone out, line out, USB-B and power connections that allow you to connect multiple devices

This audio mixer can be used to control audio from dual and single streaming PC setups as well as microphones, game consoles, audio sources and much more.

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Highlights of this device for me include:
- The ability to have two different audio mixes, so you can have different volumes for what your audience is hearing vs what your hear
- Customisable buttons mean you can set the device to carry out multiple actions to engage with your audience
- Loads of inputs to connect multiple devices
- Software could be updated in future to make it even better

- Doesn't have the power to support the Shure SM7B
- Software controls are currently limited
- It's quite complex to get setup initially

• Interface: USB , Type B (Driver Required)
• Mic In: XLR (Balanced) / (Single-End) x 1
• Line In: TRS, Stereo x 1
• Console In: Optical In (Toslink) x 1
• Computer Inputs: Digital Tracks x 3
• Headphone Out: TRS, Stereo
• Line Out: TRS, Stereo
• Output Mix (Independent Instances):
o Creator mix
o Audience mix
• Sampling Rate: Up to 96kHz, 24 bits
• Microphone Effects:
Noise Gate, Reverb, Compressor, Equalizer
• Frequency Response: 10Hz to 20kHz
• Dynamic Range: 114 dB
• Screen Panel: 5" IPS Screen with CTP Touch Panel
• Widgets: Interactive & Customizable Grid
• Rotational Encoders: 6
• Lighting: RGB
• Function Buttons: 4
• Power Switch: Yes
• Power Input: Standard 12V DC, Center Negative,
• Power Consumption: 7W
• Dimensions (W x D x H):
Without Stand: x x cm ( x x in)
With Stand: x x cm ( x x in)
• Weight:
Without Stand: kg ( oz)
With Stand: kg ( oz

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