Abraham Hicks - Best question ever - How to Want Something and Not Feel the Lack of It

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Hello Beautiful Beings -

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Today I'm finishing my drawing of Alcyone, star in the 7 Sisters Constellation in the Pleiades - it has been a joy to draw it and feel the blue, calming energy of the Pleiades at the same time. If you haven't had a go at drawing yet, do give it a try, it is very therapeutic as well as satisfying :-)

The Abraham Hicks segment is the best question ever, as Abraham says. How is it possible to want something without feeling the lack of it not being there? - well, have a listen and enjoy.

❤️ Sarah


- Drawing & animation: Sarah Kiaer (Z. Zeahorse)
- Abraham Hicks segment: - for more information
- Music: Jordan Jessep - for more information
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