[5] RimWorld - On The Road - Rimhammer The End Times Empire - Mod Dev

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In this episode the settlers send out a caravan to sell the massive amount of animals they're acquired.

This game will be a fun jaunt to build an Empire castle settlement. The Empire mod is now released The purpose of this game is to show off the mod a bit, and to do some further testing of the tons of stuff I've added.

Feel free to leave comments with thoughts on things that would very suitable for the Empire mod. I am gearing them up to be able to build the ultimate in defensible castle bases.

Empire will be the fifth mod in the Rimhammer - The End Times series. You can find the base mod here:

Since it's in the medieval times, there won't be a ship constructed. It's all about survival. I hope to have the Empire end game in place before finishing this play through, so I can get that tested, and see if it's survivable.

Visit the Discord page for the mod here: If you want to contribute, we can always use playtesters, graphics people, and more. So far I've done almost everything myself in this mod; some assistance would speed things up!

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