(#2096) Thursday. Binary02 Sudoku puzzle. Bonus Extra edition. 12-31-2020 Extra part 3 of 4

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This is a 8x8 Binary Sudoku.

Enjoy the Binary Sudoku puzzle (Thursday 12-31-2020 edition)

This is part 3 of 4.

Link to Part 1 Sudoku with 1 star:

Link to Part 2 Sudoku with 2 stars:

Link to Part 4 Tectonic01 Sudoku:


All One Star Sudoku playlist:

All Two Stars Sudoku playlist:

All Three Stars Sudoku playlist:

All Four Stars Sudoku playlist:

All Binary Sudoku playlist:

All Tectonic Sudoku playlist:


Download here the pdf file, so you can first print & try it out. Or beat my time. Incase you can't solve the Sudoku, you can watch the youtube movie for the solution. If it goes too fast, you can rewind it. Or leave a comment so I solve and upload the puzzle if it's not online. Apologize for my bad pronunciation. English is not my native language. I will try to upload every day a Sudoku puzzle. You will find all my previous Sudoku puzzles in my channel if you subscribe.

Download here the Sudoku pdf files:

1. PDF Link to Sudoku with 1 star:

2. PDF Link to Sudoku with 2 stars:

3. PDF Link to Sudoku with 3 stars:

4. PDF Link to Sudoku with 4 stars:

5. PDF Link to Binary01 Sudoku:

6. PDF Link to Binary02 Sudoku:

7. PDF Link to Tectonic01 Sudoku:

8. PDF Link to Tectonic02 Sudoku:
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