20 FACTS about FORMA units YOU MUST KNOW before using your FORMA SOUL in Hall of Forms! [FEH]

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What's up guys, I am Pheonixmaster1, and welcome to my Ultimate Forma Guide for Fire Emblem Heroes. Forma units are the units you can redeem from the Hall of Forms using your Forma Soul. Thanks to the 4th FEH Anniversary, now every player even F2Ps has got a free forma soul. Before you use such a rare and high-value item, there are many facts about it that you MUST KNOW so I hope this video can help you!

Right now the hype train is quite a bit for the Forma Bride Fjorm but you should probably wait IMO.

⌛ Timestamps
0:00 Free Forma Soul Intro
1:17 1. Forma Soul has no expiry so save it!
1:48 2. Forma Units come at Neutral IVs
3. They already come with their Base kit
3:06 4. Merge rules for Formas
3:45 5. Merge Misconception
4:08 6. Forma Fodder Misconception
4:21 7. Rule of Thumb for Assists & Specials
4:39 8. How you can save Divine Dews
5:16 9. Grail units as Formas
6:01 10. Default + Equipped Skills
6:24 11. Difference between Forma and Normal units.
7:10 12. First KO with the unit you want & skills that appear.
8:07 13. Optimal way of getting skills you want on the Forma
9:55 14. Which skills will be available in a Hall of Form?
10:37 15. Multiple Forma units from one HoF?
11:20 16. Order of HoF Unit Batches
11:44 17. HoF Color Balance (Exceptions for it are there) & Units that can appear
12:20 18. Best time to use your Forma Soul?
12:43 19. Forma Unit Reruns?
13:06 20. How to decide if a unit is worth a Forma soul?
14:04 Don't fall for the Hype Train
15:12 What makes a unit not a good free forma option?
16:50 Final


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