15 Cancelled PS Vita Games | PlayStation Vita

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Back with another episode of Cancelled Games, looking at 15 unreleased titles for the PlayStation Vita.

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Background music from the PS Vita versions of:
Dead Nation
Street Fighter X Tekken
Sly Cooper
Super Monkey Ball
Super Stardust Delta

Video sources:
Glory of Generals V (phone footage) - Thanakom Saengsakul

Super Night Riders (PS3 footage) - Platinum Hunter iLmIgLiOrE91

All other clips from original trailers

00:00 Intro
01:18 Legend of Raven
03:40 Kodoku
05:00 Killing Bites
05:51 Warrior's Lair
08:01 The Chainsaw Incident
10:58 City Shrouded In Shadow
12:50 DiscStorm
14:00 Drive! Drive! Drive!
15:05 Dungeon Defenders
16:27 Final Fantasy Agito Plus
18:32 The Hero Trap
19:50 King of Wushu
21:08 Wonder Flick
22:47 Cult County
24:43 Bioshock
26:03 Outro
Shadow Warrior 2
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