11 FUN and WEIRD Functional CC Objects for The Sims 2

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People used to make a lot of really weird objects mods for The Sims 2 in the past! Today we review some of the fun and stupid CC items!

!Please be careful with the rideable dragon mod. It might have an invisible NPC controller. It means that once you put it in your game, you shouldn't take it out, since it will delete this invisible NPC. It may lead to hood corruption. Thanks to Justyn Lamarcus for this info!

Cheese Head (direct link)


The Toilet Car

Mrs Crumplebottom’s Purse (direct link)

Bat Pet

Gigantic Baby Costume


Bigfoot in a Box (direct link)

Stink Ray (direct link)

Egg Cooker (in Russian)

Vacuum Cleaner (in Russian)

Flyable N Rideable Dragon

You can find me here:
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00:00 - Intro
00:54 - Cheese Head
01:43 - Running with Scissors Playset
02:22 - Toilet Car
03:11 - Mrs Crumplebottom's Purse
03:38 - Bat Pet
04:29 - Gigantic Baby Costume
05:01 - Bigfoot in a Box
05:51 - Stink Ray
06:15 - Egg Cooker
07:42 - Vacuum Cleaner
08:27 - Rideable Dragon
10:10 - Love You Byeee
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