100lb+ Heavy Crimean Tatar Bow Review and History

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This Tatar reflex/recurve bow for traditional Asiatic archery is 125lb@32” and 94lb@28", made of synthetic materials. The bowyer recommended a max draw of 30” (107lbs). Made by Toto Alharist of Indonesia and he is the same bowyer that made me the 190lb traditional horsebow.
It is made of bending fiberglass with laminated wood siyahs with horn tips as reinforcement. It is asymmetric by design to accommodate higher nocking point. Comparatively speaking this is much lighter allowing me focus on shooting and hitting the target. I wish it was warmer to show you more but I didn’t want to shoot far due to the snow making it difficult to find arrows.

The design is based on Crimean Tatar bows mixed with Ming xiaoshao bows. Although not a horn sinew composite, it is much cheaper.


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